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  • Nicola Lambo

"Fun Money" Fridays


I figured I’d start with this age old unresolved question that helps take us back to the basic fundamental building blocks of wealth, a subject matter that data shows has become very symptomatic, affecting over 99% of Americans. Paying yourself first is a concept that many have heard of but most don’t truly understand the impact this tiny little habit can make. It’s kinda like the Airline’s Oxygen Mask Rule of putting the oxygen mask over your own mouth and nose first before assisting others, without your oxygen mask, you will quickly lose consciousness.

If you're not good, you're no good for anyone else. However, there is a good way to paying yourself 1st and then there’s the best way. The best way to show you is by sharing a few examples.

How many of you intend to save but find you have a lot more month than money most months, meaning that there's nothing left, even worse not enough?

Picture this ~

You are at a ginormous table with a long line of people (bill collectors) holding their hands out. You are writing checks left and right to get everyone paid until finally your family reaches the front of the line at which point you've run out of money...

Whomp whaaaa (fill in that annoying muted trumpet sound🎺)

You feel just awful because you've run out of money and you promise you'll take care of your family next month, so alas, they head to the back of the line. Next month rolls around and dang it, somehow it happens again, so they have to do you a favor, one more time, and go back to the end of the line.

New month, new hope, lots of opportunities that don't quite pan out and so once again...

You are writing checks left and right to get everyone paid and, low and behold, the moment your family steps up to bat you realize, yet again, more month than money?

Rinse and repeat for goodness knows how long until it finally hits you, “Nothing changes if nothing changes”. You must shift that mindset and change how you think about what you're doing which will in turn change your entire financial picture if you let it!

Yep, you guessed it, Story time:

You and your “big” sis are identical twins, she was born seconds before you and she never lets you live it down, you both make the same amount of money.

Sister (A)in’t Got Nothing On Me & Sister (B)ad Ass Boss Babe both make the same income every year $100,000.

They both simultaneously decide they are going to begin the habit and tried and true success principle of paying themselves 1st and making it automatic, just like you would dedicate payments to a bill, you dedicate to your future.

Sister A chooses to set aside a dollar amount each month of $100

Sister B chooses to set aside 10% of her income each month

Where do they both end up?


Sister A = $1200

Sister B = $10,000

I'm hoping you're tracking with me and able to make the connection that, very much like tithing (which has its own set of variable attributes), paying yourself 1st is best done in percentages! You see the tangible numbers once they put themselves at the front of line, Sister B has $10,000 vs Sister A who has $1,200.

But the other tangible aspect is, people that amass wealth do it in percentages because it is a movable scale that adjusts to whatever income you’re making so that it is always doable.

For example:

Based on 10%

If you make ~

$10,000 you save $1000

$5,000 you save $500

$500 you save $50

In addition it can be a simplified way to budget that eliminates spread sheet upon spread sheet of balancing dollars and cents and if you find yourself always ending up with a whole lotta month and not enough money, it’s time for that crucial conversation with yourself of discerning what are your “wants” vs. what are you “needs” and adjusting accordingly.

Firstly, It creates the habit of saving while keeping you within your means, necessary and essential, especially for you women out there who are not hourly wages or salaried but commission based or independent contractors, this will keep you on top of it and “honest” while creating an emergency fund for that unavoidable slow season.

(The topic of our next blog)

Second, percentages allow you to capture more of your money in a shorter period of time so we can get to growing it by putting those dollars to work for you!

Third and final, it's best to make it automatic, as automatic as you paying your monthly bills each and every month without fail, you will now pay you each and every month without fail too.

Take it from a girl speaking from experience, who had to endure the financial devastation that medical bills can bring, a situation for which she and her husband were ill prepared. If I can save you from having to go through it, any of it or all of it, then I feel like I've contributed something❤

This one habit was our turning point to not only being 100% debt free but to building wealth with a solid unshakeable foundation.

Heed Albert Einstein’s warning, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

We can all be game changers but not until you learn the game ~ ME

Back to our original question: Which came first the chicken or the egg?

“It is a safe bet to say the egg came 1st as eggs were around way before the chicken even existed.” As quoted from the Academy of Science using the principles of evolutionary biology.

That being said, it’s up to us ladies to give birth to new habits, behaviors, and actions that exemplify the strong, beautiful, empowered Bad Ass Boss Babes that we are, kinda gives a whole new meaning to the term Nest Egg!

So go ahead, I’m encouraging you to do something today that your future self will thank you for, put you first.

Till next time stay healthy and stay after it.


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